Flavia Pennetta Talks Sex With Carlos Moya

Italian Flavia Pennetta has talked recently about dating on the tour. In the past we have seen photos of her and a young Rafael Nadal lying on the same bed talking after a day of work, and we’ve heard her talk about Tommy Haas and Marat Safin being the hottest men on tour.

Now Pennetta is opening up about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Carlos Moya.

“With Moya I had free sex all over the tournament. We shared a room and we didn’t practice abstinence as we’re advised, though we did practice free sex.”  

Moya and Pennetta stopped dating some time ago after the “Moya fell in love with someone else,” the soon to be mother of his first child.

Pennetta may not have any other recent conquests she wishes to name, but she says “The last one was a Brazilian, but I said now because I didn’t fancy him.” She says though that it’s not uncommon for players, in such tight quarters, to experiment in changing rooms, on the courts or on the plane when the “flight was very long.” The Italian also said that there are quite a few lesbians on the WTA tour that no one knows about…. Any guesses?

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