Tommy Haas Continues PRP Treatment

As Tommy Haas and Sara Foster await the birth of their first child, Haas has updated fans via his website, saying he underwent the second of three PRP injections into his knee to treat chronic tendinitis on Thursday. Haas has been off the tour for some time after having hip surgery and has also been rehabilitating his knee injury at the same time. Haas hopes to return to training soon and his daughter is expected to make her arrival within the next two to three weeks.

“I had my 2nd of three PRP injections today and I tell you it is not the most comfortable injection to get right above your knee cap, but I am trying pretty much anything that is going to help my problem.”

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, has become increasingly popular in tennis to treat chronic tendinitis, the most famous, and successful thus far, being that of Rafael Nadal who will soon undergo another series of injections at season end. Haas and James Blake have also been vocal about their use of the product which is designed to improve tendon healing and regeneration. Blake, however, reported minimal improvement in his symptoms but didn’t have a period of anti inflammatory treatment (oral medication), apparently because he doesn’t like taking NSAID’s.

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