Mirka And Roger Federer Over The Years

Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec met, and started their relationship, at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Since then the pair have been inseprable, with Federer saying the Olympics have special meaning to him because that’s where he met the love of his life.

For her part Mirka became deeply involved in Federer’s career after her own ended with injury. “I fell into a deep hole. The most difficult part was when I was home for eight months and couldn’t do anything. I had a lot of time to think and watch tennis on television. Roger was my greatest support back then. He gave my tennis life back to me. When he wins, it’s as if I win as well.”

Mirka is constantly in Federer’s players box and the couple have twin daughters who were born after Roger’s Wimbledon victory in 2009.

Over the decade they’ve been together both have changed a lot – Federer has found a better haircut and Mirka has become one of the most powerful women in tennis. So lets have a look at their evolution.

Mirka has always helped me, she’s great company. The first time I met her I was nobody, I hadn’t won any important tournamentm and now I have 76 titles, so much has happened. She follows me everywhere, her presence is fundamental, she likes to watch me play. Now, after the birth of our twins, my life has changed, and we are trying to make compatible the growth of our daughters with my career. If Mirka didn’t follow me on Tour, I would have retired already.
I have two wonderful kids, an incredible wife and it’s just great. I feel very fortunate that I’m going through this part of my life now, that I can enjoy it so much more. It’s not just only about hitting forehands and backhands.
I admire her every day that she is willing to do this. I tell her, ‘I think you should take a week here or a week there, take care of yourself a bit more, because you are putting in an incredible amount of work here.’ But she says, ‘Look, I’m not happy when you’re not around.’ And that’s as good as it gets for me, and I’m obviously also not the same person when she and the kids are not around. So we try to manage it. It’s good to have a balance. We try to make it work that we have time by ourselves, time with the family, time with our friends in this busy, busy life that we live.

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  1. May God continue to bless u and ur beautiful family
    in every single second in life.Keep ur philantrophic heart and
    continue ur tiredless help to mankind,especially to my native continent


  2. This is really a value I think each and everyone of us should put into practice in our couples: longivity. I wish Federer and his wife and children the best . May God give them the power to keep on going just as Assan said.

  3. Roger you have a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters. It is such a joy to watch you play tennis. If you lose the tournament is over for us. Some times we are tired after one of your tougher matches. It is hard on us old folks 70 and 71 to help you play each shot . It is stressful to try and will you to win. Must be hard on Merka also. You take care and be areound for a long time as your tennis has been and will be magic. Always Bill & Marjorie Holder

  4. Hi, i have never watched a match of yours, one of my friend(die hard fan of yours) gave clips of making of champion, you are just incredible & i congratulate for your success and wish you all the best for your future grand slams..

  5. He’s over his peak, and she’s fat.

  6. Marjorie holder, I think that is the nicest comment I have ever read on the Internet. My wife and me feel the same and we are 40 years your junior!

    They made your generation of stronger stuff methinks ;)

    Erap. I disagree with you on the first count and on the second I respect him more that he stuck with his wife who filled out a bit after kids. A real woman, a real mother, a real husband and a real love.

    Sounds like such ideals would not appeal to you, due to your callous comment, but there are plenty of us who see the virtue in their relationship.

  7. Down here in beautiful New Zealand, we enjoy the brilliance, grace and artistry of your total game Roger. Yourself and Mirka are wonderful role models and inspirations for everyone, in and out of sport.
    Long may your reign continue.

    Neil Butler

  8. I was deeply touched by the beauty of the words you have written. Thank you for sharing such a lovely life and family with the world. You and Mirka have worked very hard to achieve such success and the love you share together gives hope to us all. Peace and continued prosperity to you and yours, Sue xx

  9. And today Roger has now won his 78th title making him the 3rd highest title holder in history after Jimmy Connors and Ivan Lendl. Congratulations Roger on your recent amazing win in Dubai and congratulations to you, Mirka and the twins on the coming birth of your 3rd child. I am a very fortunate and devoted fan of yours from Australia who has watched you live in person in 4 AO and this year also included the Brisbane International and your 10th Anniversary Foundation Gala Dinner on Jan 8th in Melbourne. I prepared the Cream Envelope of fan messages which was presented on my behalf to your management by Craig Tiley. I hope you received it ok. Thank you very much dear Maestro for the continued joy and happiness you have brought me and many people with your sublime play and artistry as an athlete like no other athlete ever. You are out there on a limb on your own. To me the greatest living athlete. I hope to enjoy your tennis for many years to come.

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