>Nadal And Federer Play Tennis On Doha Bay


A court laid in Doha Bay has been the setting for the latest Nadal-Federer media frenzy in Dubai. Whenever players descend on Dubai there is always some fantastic place for them to perform their media duties – and today was no exception.

Nadal posted photos on Facebook and said he was going to upload photos from every tournament he attended this year.

The submerged court allowed the players to practice some gentle volleys while the waiting media got their photo-op.

Xisca Perello and Nadal’s family looked on from a nearby boat. As they wait Perello took numerous photographs of her man. No word yet of if it was Xisca who took the photos Nadal has since posted.

“It was a fantastic experience. For the past three years we have done a few different things, and this one was a very nice experience. It’s going to be a very exciting season for me, I think. I would love to play against Roger a few more times this year, because when we play each other it’s in the final.” – Rafael Nadal

“It was good fun. It was so different. You’re always excited and nervous to see how it will turn out. It is always nice promoting an event and an entire tour with Rafa. I am of course very excited about playing another season on tour. I’m playing some of my best tennis again. I am really enjoying it and have high goals for this year.” – Roger Federer

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