Stanislas Wawrinka Divorces Wife Of One Year To Focus On Tennis

After Stanislas Wawrinka married his heavily pregnant partner Ilham Vuilloud in December last year, the couple welcomed their daughter Alexia. Vuilloud, a Swiss TV presenter and former model, gave birth to Alexia February 12, 2010.

It has been announced today that Stanislas Wawrinka has (according to media sources) “quit his family to save his career” because he feels he only has another few years on the tour. It’s very sad and Stan has not commented on the statements made in the media, instead he released a statement on Twitter, saying: “I would like to announce my separation with my wife Ilham Vuilloud. Our main concern now is to look after the best interests and the education of our daughter, Alexia.”

A more formal statement was released, saying: “I have separation from my wife Ilham Vuilloud. We want our role as parents to continue. We ask the press, our privacy be respected at this difficult time.”

Despite his apparent walk out he has won 6 of his last 10 matches.

Going by his wife’s comments to media it sounds, unfortunately, like Stan has indeed abandoned his family in preference to his career. “Stan returned on September 20 after the Davis Cup in Kazakhstan and told me he had new priorities. He packed his bags and moved into a hotel… There would have been another solution, if he had spoken to me about it.” Wawrinka reportedly said he feels he only has another 5 years to make an impact and therefore needs to remove family distractions.

The separation comes only a few months after Wawrinka also split with his long term coach and friend Dimitri Zavialoff. Wawrinka is now working with Peter Lundgren who has previously worked with Roger Federer.

It’s a sad day when a person picks a career over family. It’s none of my business but it is an interesting turn of events and everyone will now be watching Stan’s season to see if it was worth the pain for the world number 21.

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  1. hi
    I wish Stan good luck to prove himself in tennis as he would like to.
    A man’s family life is his own private business and not the media’s or any other individual.
    I must conclude that there is more to this that his tennis goals.

    • This is not uncommon among top tennis players. Andre Agassi got out of his marriage to Brooke Shields and teamed up with Brad Gilbert and Gil Reyes and became number 1. Except for Roger Federer, Most top ranked players cannot handle getting to the top level and maintaining a great family relationship. I can’t imagine it. Roger has the secret. But he is the minority.


    I am with you guy, if you feel that’s what you have to do at this time then I am with you. Good luck buddy coming to you all the way from the Bahamas. Please do visit us soon bro. Love you game

  3. Oh?

    What about other players with kids? Gilles Simon (no. 3 in France) is doing well even with a baby.
    “There would have been another solution, if he had spoken to me about it” Yep, some wife’s follow their man’s to each tourny, or stay at home.
    Thing is, there is no need for divorce. Just talk it over with the wife. There are loads of other players with kids setting an example of how to do it.

  4. I do not wish Stan “good luck”. To do otherwise is to encourage him in a path that is sure to disappoint. He is putting a game, a game mind you, before the lives of these two other people who have committed themselves to him.

    • It is not just a game to him, it is what puts bread on the table. If he stops tennis as a pro to focus on his family he can at best become a low paid tennis coach as he has no education and her money will have to be what the family survives on. He may earn alot as a pro, but his career there ends at age 30 and after that, again, no education, so he needs to earn in 10 yrs more than we others earn in 40 yrs and save it up.

      Separation is a drastic move, but it is not impossible for people to find back together.

  5. Has it occured to anyone that perhaps he wasnt ready for all the responsibility of an instant family and thought it best to do the right thing for this girl yet denied his true feelings about the whole thing? Just because you have a gf doesnt mean you are ready for marriage and children. There is no doubt they are well cared for and there was info about a reconciluation on the wire. Maybe there was conflict or she wanted to hold onto him. Who knows. He is being coached by Fed’s old coach and he played outstandly against Djokovoc at the 2013 AO. So perhaps he cant split his time w/o feeling a disservice to either one or the other. I adore his tennis career and wish him all the very best.

  6. I am astonished! After watching his match against Djokovic at the Australian Open 2013, I started to pay attention in his game. But, yesterday, just before Wawrinka’s match against Federer for Indian Wells tournament, I was looking for some news about Stanislas on internet. It was when I found this page giving this absurd news about Stanislas Wawrinka. I hope all of this be only gossips or lies, once I can’t believe a mentally healthy person is capable to do what this site says that Stanislas did against this family (I didn’t know he supposedly had a family). Good luck to Wawrinka!

  7. Really sad that he thought he needed to do that. I will say that his wife is an odd looking person to say the least. I know exotic european women def. have a specific look that is very different from many women in the US, but she does look a little odd to me. And I would agree, that there is probably much more to the story, then is being reported.

  8. Who has the right to judge this man. We get one side of the story here and he made a choice that he will have to live with. That choice has NOTHING to do with any bloggers/judges. It has to do with his circumstance, his life, his child’s life, etc. Let’s stop being so ignorant and intolerant and learn to understand.

  9. What a pillock
    Not as if he is a human hunk. Maybe he should have thought of a way to keep his family with him a a lot of most tennis players do his wife was gorgeous, what was his problem.

  10. He is not exactly a hunk, what is his problem.

  11. I agree with u John, who has the right to judge. He is doing remarkable against Djokovic, regardless of who wins.!!!
    I think his is gorgeous.!!!!!

  12. If you all read a bit more you would see he is back with his wife and family.

    • Exactly… it was about 12-18 months ago he said “I am very happy to you about bringing the good news: Ilham and I are back together”

    • Good to hear, I thought as much when I read the wording of the msg. And now in the Australian Open final! Even if he loses, it is still $1,325,000 for Alexia’s trust fund :)

  13. Maybe he shouldn’t have married in the first place, if he knew he’s gonna concentrate on tennis. Anyway, that’s a saying, “If you love him, set him free !”

  14. EVERYONE judges…right or wrong, grow up & accept it! That being said, his wife committed to him as well.
    He’s a douche for doing it in the first…DUMP HIM!!!

  15. It is not for us to judge, even if we had all the facts. It is hard enough to understand one’s own marriage, and people want to judge others?

  16. John Mc Enroe never won a major after marrying Tatum O’Neil enough said, read John’s reasons why it is so hard to be a international Tennis player and win Majors.

  17. Who are we to judge some1 else’s choices in life….there will always be rumour mongers to spread vicious lies or to taint someone for reasons only known to the person writing or spreading these rumours. There is always 2 sides to every story & the only 2 people that know the truth and the whole truth are the people directly involved so leave Stan alone. Congratulations Stan on a great win over Nadal, u r a true champion & very hot n throbby. I have enjoyed watching you play over the last couple of weeks & wish u all the best for all upcoming tournaments.

  18. lorraine Brabrook

    What Stan and his wife do is there business. Love will them back together if itsmeant to be I cant see him being away from her and there little girl for to long.He seems to be a very nice man he came to Australia to play tennis weeks away from home and family. But one day his wife and daughter may travel with him who knows.After all you do not travel the world for nothing do you tennis player or singer.Congratulations to Stan come back to Australia and play tennis again we will be there to watch.For us Sydney is only 6 hours away.Who cares take care Stan

  19. I feel there is more to the story than he just left his new wife for his career. He had his career long before his wife and she was very pregnant when they got married last December. I’m just saying; Sounds like a shot-gun wedding. When try and trap men all the time with a pregnancy. But; it’s none of our business. He’s a nice guy and I’m sure it was a hard decision to make and not so black and white as the Media projects. I wish you all the best Stan. I know your daughter will be well taken care of, you take care of your self, too. Good luck at Indian Wells.

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