Serena Williams Has Cast Removed And Goes To Oscars

Serena Williams has taken her newly cast-free foot out for a night out on the town. Serena attended the Oscars again wearing some incredible jewelry. Williams attended The Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar party wearing the better of the two outfits, the black one, to end the long evening in style.

Nine months after hurting her foot on some glass, Serena has finally had her cast removed. Despite the fact that she ended up having a second surgery because she returned to training to quickly, she says she now intended to return to normal training immediately in the hopes of being ready for the French Open.

“I finally had the cast taken off a few days ago. I have been wearing it for so many months, so I am so happy. My foot feels good and I’m starting to train right away, and I intend to be back for the French Open. And I have so missed wearing heels, I can’t wait to get them back on!

I just try to stay positive.”
Williams also talked abut her ongoing search for a partner. “I’m looking for a guy who is close to his parents — his mom mostly because you can learn a lot about a guy by the way he treats his mom. And someone who loves themselves because if they take care of themselves, they are able to take care of you.

I don’t like smokers, and of course people who disrespect their parents and families. Family is very important to me. When people meet me, I’m different in person I’m very nice and easy going.”

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