Azarenka Drops The F-Bomb

Regardless of how Victoria Azarenka tries to explain her meltdown in Rome it doesn’t look good. In the last six tournaments she has played she has either made it to the final 50% of the time or retired the other 50% of the time. Since 2010 she has had ten retirements. Clearly she has some physical issues she needs to get on top of and then fix before returning and retiring again.

Sure sometimes a bug will force you to retire or you’ll have an acute injury like she did today but there are better ways to manage it that giving the old school ‘F&%$ you!’ arm gesture to your opponent and being busted calling her a ‘F&%$ing bitch’.

I don’t care if you’re in a lot of pain, if you were talking to yourself (unlikely), or if Maria Sharapova really is a bit of a cow – there’s a time and a place Vika. While Vika tried to backpedal in her post retirement press conference and then again later on Twitter, to her credit, Maria would not be drawn to commenting on the situation.

Azarenka retired at 6-4, 0-3.

“Very sad and tough day for me. Very hard to retire like this. Said some things to myself on the match that I’m not proud of. But it was just being mad at myself. Will never refer anything to my opponent. I play with respect to every single player. I apologize if there was a misunderstanding of that situation.” – Victoria Azarenka (Twitter)

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