Men’s Final Preview: Nadal V Djokovic A Battle Of The Number One’s

Novak Djokovic has come out and said he feels he has nothing to prove in today’s final against Rafael Nadal. It’s a battle of the number one’s – Nadal currently holds the position but Nole will take the top rankings spot on Monday – and the outcome is going to be pivotal not only for the players but for the rest of the season.

Now that the two players have battled for the top ranking they must now play one final time to decide who takes home the greatest prize in tennis.

With four finals defeats already this season at the hands of Djokovic, Nadal has admitted that Nole has the mental edge and that it’s going to be a difficult match for him to win. Novak says he’s been visualizing himself in the final and with the trophy and it seems lately that whatever Novak wants, Novak gets so Rafa’s going to have his hands more than full.

It’s an incredibly hard match to pick, really you’re just having a guess but it could so easily go either way. The outcome of the first set, to me, is the vital one. If Nole gets it I think he’ll be inspired to run away with the match and Nadal will get a set but that will be it. If Rafa takes the first set it’s going to be extremely interesting how Novak reacts having won the first set in all the matches he has struggled in lately.

At times recently Novak’s body language has left little to the imagination. He’s tired and frustrated but he’s also brilliant, inspired and motivated. The big difference is Novak’s form is slightly lower than the four occasions he trumped Rafa and Nadal’s form is significantly better but the Spaniard is still not in full flight.

I’m backing Nadal. All the sensible parts of my body and brain say that Novak, despite being tired, will be inspired by his new ranking and his recent dominance over the Spaniard and will find away to hurt him psychologically again. That sensible part of my thinks that Djokovic has more in him. The rest of me, the irrational, vibe based side thinks the Nole fairy tail will come to an end now he has been rightly rewarded for his incredible efforts and that those efforts will finally catch up with him.

The fact that Nole said weeks ago that what he really wanted was Wimbledon will make this match interesting. If what he wanted was number one above all else I would have no hesitation backing Nadal as I think the mental effort of getting to number one has been huge for the Serb…. but he still has one more huge mountain to climb to get what he wants.

Nadal has been looking the sharper of the two in recent matches and the fact that he beat Murray so comprehensively gives me hope. Djokovic played well, but not brilliantly, against a mediocre Tsonga and I think the will of Rafa will play a huge roll tomorrow. Nadal wants to stop the rot against Djokovic and I believe

he will on grass being the superior grass court player.

My pick… Nadal in five.

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