Damir Dokic Working With Jelena Again

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors in a family but I don’t even know hoe to begin processing Jelena Dokic’s latest moves. In a way it’s like Lleyton’s latest injuries, I’ve given up reporting them because there’s always something, much the same way that there’s always drama with Jelena.

The reappearance of Damir on the courts with her after rumours swirled that she had reunited with the father that was the catalyst for her down fall, public embarrassment, depression, and battle to re-find herself and her game. In fact the two had barely spoke in eight years because of Damir’s violence and aggressive attitude towards his daughter and the tennis community that saw him thrown out of the US Open.

While Jelena said, “I’m happy to be with my family again. I feel great,” it sounds a little like Damir is back to his old controlling ways saying the family was deciding Jelena’s training location, not Jelena.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Good of him.

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