Wozniacki Makes Fun Of Nadal’s Cramps

Caroline Wozniacki has had a little late night fun after he tough three sets win over Svetlana Kuznetsova last night at the US Open. In her post match press conference a giggling Caroline slipped under the interview table, making light of the clearly excruciating cramps Rafael Nadal suffered the other day in his press conference.

While Rafa and other players like Andy Roddick have tried to reassure fans that the cramps are nothing seriously and realistically are not uncommon in professional tennis, Wozniacki took it a step further.

It is clear that it was harmless and all good natured but Wozniacki was far from amused when she had cramps in Doha in 2009. While she finished the match and has worked hard on her conditioning she certainly didn’t handle it as calmly as the incredibly fit Spaniard.

I’m sure Rafa fans will have both opinions – no big deal or poor form and I have to say I’m split. While I see that it was all meant in good spirits maybe she should imitate him plucking his wedgie or even imitiate him by winning a Grand Slam of her own. No one took the mickey out of Wozniacki after her cramping episode (see video)

I think the moral of the story is don’t imitate someone in pain… it’s just a cheap shot, even if it’s good natured.

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