Federer Thumps Nadal

Roger Federer has claimed his first win over Rafael Nadal in a year. The world number four smashed Rafa 6-3, 6-0 in just 62 minutes. On the fast indoor court Rafa was no match for Federer who thumped 28 winners in the short match, barely breaking a sweat as he destroyed the Spanish world number two old school style.

Nadal was hampered by a shoulder injury that prevented him from practicing on Monday. The Spaniard is not the only player struggling with injury at this late season stage – Murray just withdrew with a groin injury and Fish had issues with his hamstrings.

The win places Federer in the Wold Tour Finals semi final after his round robin success. Federer was delighted with the win. “This one ranks extremely high in my career, because it’s against my biggest rival probably.”

“It was a great match for me basically from start to finish. I was able to do what I was hoping to do:  dominate from the baseline, play close to the baseline, serve well, take his time away. Hasn’t always worked.

I always knew I could beat Rafa. The question is sometimes it was hard to do because he has a big say, as well, in how the matches go. The quicker the court, the more I favour myself.  Maybe Rafa didn’t play his very best tonight. But on an indoor court, it all happens very quickly as we saw at the end. For me it was an exciting match to play.”

Nadal remains positive, next facing Jo Wilfried Tsonga.

“It’s not the moment to say goodbye. It’s not the moment to go down. It’s the moment to keep fighting. I’m still in the tournament. I still have the chance to be in the semi-finals because if I win the next match I will be in semi-finals.

So it’s the moment to keep fighting with a positive attitude and it’s the moment to accept when Roger plays like this he is better than me, and that’s it.”

3 Responses to Federer Thumps Nadal

  1. keep the faith Roger, you are the best.

  2. Wow, it really was old school glory-days stuff from Roger. When he’s playing like that there’s not much anyone can do about it and I’m proud of Rafa for taking it like a man. I also thought it was impressive of Roger not to go overboard with the celebrations and be gentlemanly in his interviews, considering the fact he did just hand Rafa the drubbing of his career. Fedal forever!

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