Nadal Cops A Feel Of Monaco Before Davis Cup Finals

With the Davis Cup finals between Argentina and Spain just around the corner some of the worlds best tennis players have descended upon Seville to prepare for the final.

The two teams checked out the new stadium and Rafael Nadal, Spain’s number one, was clearly happy to see the Argentines, particularly Juan Monaco. Nadal gave good friend Pico a cheeky butt pinch before also embracing David Nalbandian.

Nadal will be hoping that the Davis Cup will provide him with a much needed mental boost before entering the 2012 season. Last time Argentina and Spain played each other was the final in 2008 which was held in Argentina but won by Spain. With a huge local support Spain’s golden child will be looking to find some confidence and passion for the sport again.

“My dream is to arrive in 2012 in the right condition. Just to be perfect again. I have definitely been a little slower lately, and that is because my mind wasn’t perfect.

I need time to reflect on the mental side, and I have to be aggressive again and much more physical.

I have to do things properly again. I have a week now to practice on clay, even if I am not playing perfect, the surface will help me and give me my confidence back.”

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  1. Nice to see someone so comfortable in his own skin, and glad that he was physically affectionate in Spain instead of Iran, Russia, Cameroun, etc….

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