Hewitt’s Entourage Grows To Manage Toe

Lleyton Hewitt has added Peter Luczak to his enormous entourage to try and help the ailing Australian tennis star have one last successful bid at the top of the game despite his ongoing issues with his big toe.

The big toe has proven to be a big problem with a prominent Australian specialist saying it was the worst he’d ever seen and he wondered how Hewitt was even walking. The problem is that having a problem like Hewitt’s throws off your whole foot biomechanics and leaves you vulnerable to injuries elsewhere as Lleyton knows only too well.

Peter joins Hewitt’s team as a traveling hitting partner.
“He’s my second coach. I’m almost like a football team now, I’ve got a head coach, an assistant coach, a fitness team, it’s great.

Looch’ is fantastic, he’s a great guy to have in my corner and he’s helped me out a lot in Davis Cup matches and he’s what playing for the green and gold is all about, the small stuff behind the scenes that goes into helping myself, or Bernard Tomic or Guccione and these guys.

For me, it’s going to be great to have Looch in my corner this year.”

Hewitt says he is managing his body problems as he prepared for the Hopman Cup and the Australian Open.

“It’s not bad, I’m battling through it and doing all the right things. Hopefully I can get out there and play as pain-free as possible, go out there and hopefully do the job.

There’s a little bit here and there, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been completely injury free and pain free.

It’s a matter of just being mentally tough out there and not worrying about it and getting out there as close to 100 per cent as possible.”

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  1. Lleyton, you are a warrior and Aussies love that! I hope you don’t listen to all the naysayers writing you off all the time. What’s interesting is that none of the players write you off. Every player knows that you are a fighter and that you can easily cause them problems at any stage of a draw, and have respect for your past and the fact that you remained at Number 1 for over a year, and that is a mighty feat. The great Pat Rafter only remained at 1 in the rankings for about a week, I think. I hope you keep flying the flag for Australia in Davis Cup and when you no longer play singles, play doubles and win some doubles Grand Slam titles!

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