Sodeling Battles On Against The Effects Of Mono

Robin Soderling has taken to Facebook to update fans on his health. The Swede has been struggling to recover from mono which first started showing itself during Wimbledon last year.

Finally Robin says the sore throats are gone (it has been a long time) but sadly his fatigue continues.

Hello friends and fan.
I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been focusing on my recovery. I was hoping to be ready for tournaments in February but unfortunately I am not there yet. The good news is that the symptoms of the mono like sore throat and fever are gone, but for some reason my body still cannot handle intense training, I get very tired when I do something physical. I am working with my medical team to understand why and what the next step is. My full focus of each day is to get healthy and strong. Hopefully it won’t be much longer but I cannot compete until I am 100% fit.
Thank you very much for your support and your encouragement. It gives me much needed energy and motivation.

3 Responses to Sodeling Battles On Against The Effects Of Mono

  1. Please get well soon.

  2. Dear Robin

    Am sure you have acces to best medical practice but just in case here are 2 ideas:
    1. Pls have a look at rebuilding your immune system with clinical nutrition, eg strong antioxidant mixes and things like glutamin plus or similar products should be discussed w your doctors.

    2. Another idea to be discussed is to have your own autologous stem cells isolated from your adipose tissue and the reinjected ( or maybe reinfused depending on what you have available in Sweden?). If you do consider that pls make sure the time between harvesting, processing and reinjecting is as short as possible ( meaning cells are fresh and unmanipulated as much as possible). This therapy is proven for anti- inflammatory impact and rebuilding immune systems and evem has shown tissue regeneration in orthopaedic applications.

    Best for recovery


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