Robin Soderling & Marcos Baghdatis Become Fathers

It’s the season for weddings and babies in tennis!

Robby Ginepri, James Blake and Mike Byran are all saying ‘I do’ this season end with Robby being the first to marry at the end of September.

Now the babies are coming!

October 13th saw the struggling Robin Soderling announce that he and his wife Jenni had welcomed a baby daughter, Olivia.

Soderling has been off the circuit for over 15 months after being diagnosed with Mononucleosis. Robin has apparently struggled with severe fatigue with any attempts to train but this is surely a happy turn of events for the once powerful Swede.

Marcos Baghdatis has also become a father to a daughter.

Zahara Baghdatis arrived soon after her fathers semi final loss to Jo Wilfried Tsonga in Stockholm after sustaining a groin injury.

“As I got to the lockers I picked up my phone to call Karolina, as she was going in the morning for a check up at the doctor. The phone was ringing and it was her sister. She told me, ‘You are going to be a father today.’ I was a little confused as Karolina wasn’t due to go in until Thursday, but she told me, ‘She is in now.’ So I told her I will arrange my tickets to get to Croatia.

As I was walking up the stairs to say goodbye to the tournament staff and leave, I got a call and Karolina’s sister told me, ‘You are a father.’

I saw Karolina first and gave her a big hug. All the emotions were going through my body all the time, all the adrenalin. Everything is good, ‘Zahy’ is slowly getting into a routine and Karolina is doing very well.

Karolina chose her name. She liked it very much. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘zahari’, meaning ‘sugar’. I liked it too, and we even have a nickname for her, ‘Zahy’. Everybody says she looks like me.”

Sprem, a former WTA player, married Marcos in July.

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