Federer Rested And Ready For Australian Open

17 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer will arrive in Melbourne without playing a warm up tournament for the first time in his career. In 1995 Andre Agassi managed to win the Australian Open despite arriving cold to the tournament.

Unsurprisingly Federer has confirmed that the reason for this decision is that he’s further reducing his schedule with the aim of giving his career more longevity.

“If I’m second favourite, fourth favourite or eighth or whatever it might be it doesn’t change much for me. I know if I’m playing well I can win tournaments.

I love the pressure of playing the new generation who are coming up and improving quickly and I have to work harder than to stay at the top, or with the best.

Longevity is the word here that I am looking for and that is what I am striving for this year in 2013 to hopefully keep on playing for many years.”

Federer has made no secret of his desire to keep playing tennis for a number of years, saying that he wants his young daughters to remember seeing him play.
Realistically Roger also knows that the absence of Rafa Nadal greatly improves his chances of walking away with a good result.

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  1. Can see him been pretty rusty for his first round match against Paire but hopefully the practise sessions have paid off and he comes out hitting cleanly. If the courts play quicker as he suggested then he has a good chance I reckon.

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