Nadal Cautious On Return

After a 7 month break Rafael Nadal has admitted that he’s not only cautious about returning to play but that his knees are still bothering him. Previously he had stated that he wasn’t coming back until they were 100% because he didn’t want to take more time off… I guess he can’t hang out at home anymore because what he’s saying now sounds different.

“My knee is much better, and this is the most important thing now because there’s no risk of a big injury. But it’s still bothering me, which will keep me from playing all the time, which I would like to do.

You have to start somewhere. I think this is the right moment and the right place.

It’s been months – seven months – since I’ve competed. This will be my first time playing in a very long time. Anything can happen. I’ll try not to let it happen, but you have to be prepared for everything and be patient.”

At least he sounds realistic and like he doesn’t intend on over working his possibly failing knees. I don’t think anyone expected Nadal’s knees to ever be 100% but just how well they continue to serve him remains to be seen.

Rafa returns to play on Tuesday.

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