Nadal’s Doctor Preaches Moderation

Rafael Nadal’s personal doctor, Dr Angel Ruiz Cotorro, has warned the Spaniard that he needs to slowly return to play and be more selective about when and on what surfaces he plays.

“What you have to do in this case is select tournaments properly, enter the circuit progressively.

On clay, movements are less aggressive because of the possibility to skid, which helps the tendon to suffer less. A quick surface is more aggressive than any other because of the abrupt changes in movement, the sudden brakes.

It’s true the problems derived from Rafa’s foot injury made us make some changes to the insole, but more than nine years of high-level competition have caused this tendon to have this type of injury.

The important aspect here is to provide progressive loads on the tendon in order to allow the tendon regenerate its fibres and readapt to training and then competition.”

One Response to Nadal’s Doctor Preaches Moderation

  1. Wish him to be back in the court. Clay seems to be empty without his fitness.

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