Pat Rafter Refuses To Back Down To Tomic

Australia’s Davis Cup selections will come down to a battle of the wills that it sounds like Pat Rafter is determined to win, refusing to let the cocky, but talented, 20 year old call the shots.

During the Australian Open Bernard Tomic sounded like a petulant child when describing his potential contribution to the Davis Cup team, essentially saying that Pat would hear from him when Bernard wanted to play.

Pat had deliberately left Bernard out of the selections for this recent tie to teach Bernard about the importance of team work, appropriate behaviour, and staying out of trouble off court.┬áRafter said, “We had issues that were the reason he was left out to teach him a lesson. Obviously, it’s in our interests for him to play well.”

After Bernard fell at the AO to Federer, Rafter called Bernard to see if he was interested in playing in April. Bernard’s response: “I spoke to him. I was very clear. I don’t think we’ll be in contact until September. From there we’ll see. That’s all I can say.”

It has been well documented that Rafter refuses to deal with the rubbish that comes from working with Tomic and insists that he makes a serious effort to stop himself getting into legal trouble.

Rafter has spoken after Australia’s 5-0 win over Taiwan as Australia try to get back into the World Group play offs, saying it’s not up to Tomic to turn up only when it suits him. Pat said that Tomic will only be eligible to play ”if he adheres to the rules which we have put in place.”

”It’s not the Davis Cup for Bernard Tomic, it’s the Davis Cup for Australians.

If he wants to be a part of it he can but, if not, he won’t. You don’t get to pick and choose when you play.

The boys will have worked too hard, if we do get to the world play-offs – and if he’s not part of it – those guys who have busted their arses are going to be part of the team that has a go.”

Over the past few years Rafter has made no secret of his feelings towards Tomic, calling his Tomic the Tank Engine performance against Roddick at the US Open a disgrace. “I threw out the big D-word – disgraceful – to him yesterday. That’s just the way it was. He’s got to learn.
There’s no use sugar-coating something. He has to do the work and I’m sick and tired of tip-toeing around it, and I think everyone else is as well.

He needs to realise. That’s what he needs to do, and he says he does.”

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