Federer Falls In Second Round To Inspired Stakhovsky

Since the 2004 French Open Roger Federer has appeared in every Grand Slam quarterfinal – an impressive record purely from an fitness perspective, BUT today that record making run ended.

Roger Federer was beaten inĀ 7-6, 6-7, 5-7, 6-7 by Sergiy Stakhovsky who is currently ranked 116th in the world in the second round at his beloved Wimbledon. It was a strange day, just two days after Rafa Nadal went home in the first round, and on the same day where 7 player retired or withdrew with injury.

Defending champion and 17 time Grand Slam winner Roger saw his earliest Slam defeat in 10 years happen as a result of some phenomenal, and consistent, serve and volley tennis.

It was a beautiful and incredibly close match with Stakhovsky committing himself to play some amazing tennis – the likes of which you don’t see that commonly at Wimbledon any more.

To his credit Federer also played well and kept his cool but it was Stakhovsky who outplayed one of the greatest players to ever grace a tennis court.

After the match Stakhovsky said his win was “magic” and that he wasn’t quite sure how it happened because to beat Federer at Wimbledon you have to play two people: Roger & his ego.

The draw, which had looked to set up block buster quarterfinals, is now wide open.


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  1. The run by Federer at the slams was incredible. It has to come to an end.

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