Marin Cilic Testing Positive? Already Serving Ban?

Apparently Marin Cilic has commenced a three month ban after testing positive for a banned substance and this, not a knee injury, is the real reason he withdrew from Wimbledon.

These accusations have been reported by Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija.

Cilic’s manager has been quoted as recently saying, “There are no comments until we will be able to comment.”

The test reportedly came back positive due to ‘incautious use of glucose.’ The situation apparently resulted after he was given medication and both he and the person who gave it to him didn’t read the warnings and his tests came back with abnormal glucose tests

It has been suggested that the immediate compliance Cilic showed by withdrawing from Wimbledon is one of the reasons he has possibly been given such a short ban period when compared to Troicki’s 18 months for failure to submit to a blood test (he did provide a urine sample).

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