Marion Bartoli Returns To Wimbledon

Last year Marion Bartoli finally won the trophy she had dreamed about in London. Since winning Wimbledon she has retired and quickly become involved in commentary work, particularly during the French Open.

It was an emotional Marion, who still has difficulty lifting her arms up in the morning, who returned to center court as she enjoys the last moments of being the current Wimbledon Champion.

Bartoli was accompanied on to the court by Elle Robus-Miller – a young player from the Elena Baltacha Academy of Tennis. Elena Baltacha was just 30 years old when she passed away this May after a fight with liver cancer and Marion is one of the many players who have lent their support to Rally4Bally.

“You have to understand that I couldn’t even lift my hands in the morning each day. It was only with the help of my physio, who warmed up my shoulder that I could actually play. The same with my back and my Achilles. I put all the energy and desire I had inside my body into that Championship. It was my total last effort and somehow I was able to pull it off.

I don’t miss having to wake-up every morning and not being able to lift my arm, my whole body sore, having to travel, pack and unpack. All the practice time you have to book, make sure your schedule is ready. Everything has to be ready every single day.

I really enjoyed every single second of my tennis career. It wasn’t heavy for me. I was so driven, I was ready to do everything I needed to do to fulfill my dream.”

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