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Toni Nadal Gives Interview About Rafa And His Injuries

Toni talks about his belief that Rafa can catch up to Roger in the Grand Slam stakes and how he thought after Rafa’s return in Sao Paulo that Rafa would never be able to move like he had previously again.

A True Look At Nadal’s Blistered Hand

This has really gone downhill since his match against Gael Monfils.

Ask yourself… could you even contemplate playing tennis with this on your hand?

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Nadal Talks Grigor & Hand Injury

Nadal Fights His Way To The Semis

It was an extraordinarily difficult day in the office for Rafael Nadal. Grigor Dimitrov, who is only becoming more dangerous with time, created serious problems for the world number one and if one or two shots had gone his way could very well have beaten the wounded Spaniard.

Ultimately, despite being severely hampered by a blister on his hand and clearly aching knees, Rafa booked a spot in the semi final after the 4-6, 7-6, 7-6,

Dimitrov made quite a statement, opening with his fastest serve of the tournament and following it up with a comfortable hold. Rafa went after Grigor’s single handed backhand early but was broken in his opening service game and soon fell behind 0-3. Despite subsequent strong service games Nadal still found himself down a set as Grigor sealed it with his eighth ace. Read more »

Rafa Battles His Body And Kei Nishikori For A Win

The Rafael Nadal who came out against Kei Nishikori was not the same Rafa that had overcome Gael Monfils. Rafa battled but eventually overcame Kei 7-6, 7-5, 7-6 for a quarterfinal spot after over three hours of play.

Reports surfaced earlier this week that Rafa had an ulcer on his hand but that he didn’t want to play with it taped because it impacted his feel on the ball. After his second match he revealed a heavily blistered left hand as he waved to the crowd and yet still he trained long and hard and often without tape.

Rafa started the match with tape on and it was quite clear immediately that his feel was not what it had been. Read more »

Djokovic Outlasts Del Potro In 5 Set Epic For Spot In Finals

Despite the raw physical power of Juan Martin del Potro, the lanky Argentine entered his semi final against Novak Djokovic at a heavy disadvantage with serious knee injury which hampered his movement. In a way it was one leg against two and the outcome was almost certain but the way it played out was incredible.

There seemed to be no way Novak was going to let the opportunity of a second Wimbledon final go without  a battle to the death.

As it turns out Juan Martin del Potro was more than happy to battle to the death despite his knee injury.

Four hours and 42 minutes later on a sunny warm London day Novak Djokovic beat Juan Martin 7-5, 4-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3. Read more »

Del Potro Battles On

It was another hideous hyper-extension injury to the left knee of Argentine Juan Martin del Potro in the first game of his quarterfinal against David Ferrer that left many wondering if he’d done serious ligament damage. Somehow Juan Martin not only got up and walked on despite the pain but beat David Ferrer in straight sets.

It’s going to be another story in the semi finals against Novak Djokovic who has the power to match Del Potro but a flexibility that is matched seemingly by no one except a Cirque du Soleil acrobat.

Hopefully Delpo can find some stability in that knee to take him just a bit further.

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Del Potro Suffers Potentially Serious Knee Injury

Juan Martin Del Potro was leading two sets to love and up 3-0,30/40 against Grega Zemlja when he hyper-extended his knee chasing a drop shot down. If your stomach doesn’t do well with slow-motion injury replays then don’t watch this video because I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that Del Potro has ruptured a cruciate ligament.

After the match Juan Martin also reported ankle pain.

“I will see the doctor, because I was going for the drop shot and I twisted my ankle. I hyper-extended my knee. It was really painful. I was a little scared at that moment.”

Federer Falls In Second Round To Inspired Stakhovsky

Since the 2004 French Open Roger Federer has appeared in every Grand Slam quarterfinal – an impressive record purely from an fitness perspective, BUT today that record making run ended.

Roger Federer was beaten in 7-6, 6-7, 5-7, 6-7 by Sergiy Stakhovsky who is currently ranked 116th in the world in the second round at his beloved Wimbledon. It was a strange day, just two days after Rafa Nadal went home in the first round, and on the same day where 7 player retired or withdrew with injury. Read more »

Carnage At Wimbledon As Injury Toll Mounts

Maria Sharapova fell over and complained that Court 2 was unsafe today not long before they started having Hawk Eye issues but that was just a small problem for Wimbledon today.

It started with an early morning announcement that there was essentially no point bothering to go down and line up for tickets. Some people waited in line for over six hours only to be irritatingly told they still had another 2-3 hours to wait. Others were entertained by Toni Nadal and Judy Murray serving coffee.

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