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Roddick Buys More Time

An emotional Andy Roddick has bought himself another match and a third round spot at the US Open after thumping Bernard Tomic 6-3, 6-4, 6-0.

While Andy was delighted to have the crowds support and to have moved into the next round of the final tournament of his career Bernard was accused of deliberately not trying by John McEnroe. Read more »

Review: Wimbledon Classics On iTunes

As a part of the celebrations for the 125th year of the Wimbledon Championships an extensive collection of match footage has been released on iTunes. The footage ranges from interviews with past and present players, behind the scenes footage and some match play from some of the greatest matches ever played at Wimbledon. As they say in the documentary Wimbledon is a place where legends are born and memories are created. Read more »

Djokovic Could Become Number 1 In Rome

Novak Djokovic has a very real opportunity to become world number one in Rome. Nadal may have already declared the race over, that the number one ranking is no longer his, but there are still a few wins required before it becomes official.

At the moment Rafael has 12, 470 points to Djokovic’s 10, 665 points but because Nole didn’t perform particularly well during last years clay court season he only stands to gain on Nadal if he does well. On the other hand, to have any hope of staying in the top spot Nadal must defend every title – Rome and Roland Garros – that remain on the dirt. Read more »

Djokovic Enters Elite Group

According to the ATP Novak Djokovic is now part of a very exclusive group. Novak has now equaled Ivan Lendl’s best ever season start in 1986 when he won 29 consecutive matches. Only two other men have had a more successful start to a season.

In 1980 Bjorn Borg won 33 consecutive matches and John McEnroe leads the way with a 42 match unbeaten streak. Djokovic and Ivan are now tied for the best season starts in the last 25 years. Read more »

Top Tennis Tosser: John McEnroe

While everyone debates endlessly who is the greatest player of all time, one thing is not debated – John McEnroe was the rudest, angriest and most aggressive player of all time. In fact, John is a big reason that technology like Hawk Eye is around today and the reason why Serena Williams was fined so heavily after her behaviour at the 2009 US Open. Read more »

Top Ten Dummy Spits In Tennis: McEnroe, Williams, Gonzalez

I know not everyone is amused by the racket breaking, screaming, abusive antics of tennis players, but unfortunately it’s a part of the game.

Of course John McEnroe, who has been accused of having hissy fits to distract his opponent, is in the top spot and watching him go off his brain is kind of like what my dad was like before we removed the insert button from his key board ;) Read more »

>McEnroe, Llodra And Leconte Strip Off For Doubles


Henri Leconte and John McEnroe we on opposite sites of the net in South Australia playing a friendly doubles set before they started stripping off. McEnroe started with the shirt and Leconte responded by taking his shorts off. When the Frenchman’s partner, Michael Llodra saw what was happening he was quick to strip down to his boxers before semi-mooning the crowd.

John, who was playing with Ryan Harrison, has donated $10,000 to the Queensland flood appeal.

Tennis Greatest Of All Time Debate

It is next to impossible to pick a ‘GOAT’ for tennis with so many incredible players spanning decades of play, but if you were going to try you have to consider technology, play restrictions and characteristics of a champion, not just statistics. It is hard to deny the records of Roger Federer and his style of play, which at his peak was borderline poetic, but my pick for GOAT is Rod Laver ahead of Roger. Read more »

>Nike Air Commercial Featuring Maria Sharapova And John McEnroe

>Nike has come out with a brilliant new ad featuring some of their best athletes including Maria Sharapova and John McEnroe. In the ad Nike captures the expired air of their athletes using it in their Nike Air shoes to promote performance in us regular people. Funnily enough they had to use a grunt-removal system for Sharapova’s air. Watch it… It’s gold!