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Xisca Perello London Bound

Rafael Nadal’s girlfriend of 6 years is moving to London to study business management and English. The 23 year old Mallorcan who has previously studied business administration in Palma de Mallorca.

The beautiful Spaniard who rarely comments to media has reportedly said, “Rafael and I will be seeing less of each other from now on.” Despite the obvious issues of a long distance relationship Nadal and Perello seem to thrive. In Nadal’s new book RAFA, Xisca was quoted saying “If I followed him everywhere, I think there’s a risk we might stop getting along.” Read more »


So the question was What moment in Rafael Nadal’s career do you remember most vividly and why?

The answer had to be original, passionate and around the 600 word mark.

To decide who won I picked the best articles on each moment. Obviously there were a lot of people picking Wimbledon 2008 and so I’ve picked only one about Wimbledon (sorry everyone). Thank you all so much for participating and I hope that everyone else heads out to grab a copy of RAFA which is released  today (23 August)!

And the winners are…… Read more »

RAFA – Excerpts From The Memoir

Rafael Nadal’s memoir RAFA is released August 23 and to celebrate it’s release here’s a little excerpt about Wimbledon and Rafa’s feelings about his 2007 loss in the finals.

To read a review of the memoir click here.

To have a chance to win a copy of RAFA click here.

The defeat in 2006 had not been so hard. I went out onto the court that time just pleased and grateful that, having just turned twenty, I’d made it that far. Federer beat me pretty easily, more easily than if I’d gone out with more belief. But my defeat in 2007, which went to five sets, left me utterly destroyed. I knew I could have done better, that it was not my ability or the quality of my game that had failed me, but my head. And I wept after that loss. I cried incessantly for half an hour in the dressing room. Tears of disappointment and self- recrimination. Losing always hurts, but it hurts much more when you had your chance and threw it away. Read more »

RAFA Memoir Review

The long awaited English memoir for former world number one and ten-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal, titled RAFA, will be released on August 23 and certainly had me interested being a huge Nadal fan.

His memoir doesn’t disappoint. Does it drag on at times about the finer details of the Wimbledon 2008 final? Sure, but everyone still talks about that match and remembers it fondly and clearly so does Rafa. What is more interesting is the insights gained into his family and team dynamics as well as the little idiosyncrasies that make differentiate Rafael from Rafa. Read more »

WIN Nadal’s New Memoir – RAFA

Do you want to win one of two copies of Rafael Nadal’s new memoir RAFA written with John Carlin?

The book will not only give you insight into Nadal’s unique approach to tennis and his competitive mindset but also sheds light on the injuries that have threatened his career, the effects his parents separation had on him and his relationship with Uncle Toni.

All you have to do to win  is send us an answer to the following question: What moment in Rafael Nadal’s career do you remember most vividly and why? Read more »